Model NO.: MIP5680

Printing input signal provided by an X-ray device on film

Printing Characteristics

Print Border

The print border may vary with the media size

Media size

The maximum printable film size A3+

Print speed

14INX17IN printing time 180 seconds


Less than 0.07mm



Media Type

Blue or transparent coated PET film

Printing accuracy

The maximum printing resolution is 2400x9600dpi

Degree of travel

Less than 0.06mm

Communication interface

DICOM protocol data format

Ink tank capacity

500ml/ tank, 5 tanks totally

Patent modification

USB alarm (the alarm will flash when the ink level is too low)


- Wipe the surface of the body every day, regularly clean the film library to prevent dust accumulation, scratch the film, and affect the quality of the film

- Regularly clean the dust inside the printer

- Keep the indoor floor clean, regularly clean and clean the surface of the printer to reduce the impact of dust on the quality of the printing

- Please use a damp cloth instead of using flammable solvents such as alcohol, benzene, or thinner to clear printer. If such flammable solvents meet the electrical components inside the printer, it may cause a fire or electric damage

- The print head needs to be replaced after the end of its life. The average life is about 10,000 sheets

Storage and Transportation

- Temperature: -25 ~ + 40 ℃, humidity: 20-93%

- Please keep the printer flat during transportation

- Do not put it upside down


- Select a working environment with suitable voltage, temperature and humidity according to the performance characteristics of the printer

- Do not place the printer near a device that generates a strong magnetic force or a place where a magnetic field exists, it may cause malfunction or malfunction

- Do not place the printer on a long-fluff carpet or felt. The fluff may enter the printer and cause a fire

- Do not use a power cord other than the attached power cord, otherwise it may cause fire or electric shock

- Do not use the printer power cord with other products

- Do not bundle or tie the power cord, otherwise it may cause fire

Glossy Paper Film

Plastic Sheets