Nour for Medical Technology (NMT) is an Egypt based company
incorporated in 1997 as a leading supplier and distributor of
state-of-the-art products in the field of Radiology and Imaging 
We have always kept our enthusiasm and drive to achieve more
this is driven by our leadership team and the multi-tasking
reactivity in terms of selling, marketing and providing training
for professionals
Nour for Medical Technology, was founded with the vision of
becoming one of the most efficient and profitable companies in
the field. Our main business activity is the Sales and distribution
of high-quality Radiology and Imaging product


• Provide unrivaled Value-Added Products
& Services
• Pioneer the introduction of latest
• Focus on specialized & professional
• Plan succession & career development for
all employees


We work as a family. We consider all employees
as members of this family.
We deal with honesty with all stakeholders
Customer satisfaction is our #1 Goal.


• People are the main source of our Energy
• Adding Value is our main goal
    All our efforts are directed to achieve this Goal
• Our Success will be shared amongst the People
• Quality performance is one of the cornerstones
     of our company culture and is considered a
     personal responsibility of all employees. To
     maintain quality performance of all business
     units at the highest level, the following aims
     are pursued:
• To fulfill or exceed Customer needs and
     expectations by delivering a quality product
      in a consistent and timely manner.
• To cultivate and maintain the commitment
     to continual improvement and communicate
     our goals and objectives to every employee
• To promote a working environment where
     training and tools are provided for all work
     to proceed in a safe and efficient manner.
• To furnish a system of policies which are
     periodically reviewed to ensure the ability
     of all groups to perform their work effectively


• Total number of employees:
     Employees (83)
• Operation Management (3)
• Sales Staff (25)
 Marketing & Social Media (10)

• CRM (20)

• Maintenance Engineers (15)
• Accountant (10)

Local Presence with a Local Perspective

We live and breathe the Egyptian Healthcare
Industry in-depth understanding and expert
knowledge is our core competitive advantage.
We maintain strong professional relationships with
local customers and with the Ministry of Health’s
regulatory board to ensure that all local
requirements and regulatory affairs are marketed in
a timely manner.
Thanks to our experienced sales team, robust
logistics network, and the large amounts of data
and knowledge we have on the Egyptian Market,
multinationalmanufacturers turn to us when they
want to expand their operations into the Egyptian

We help our Partners To

Identify the right opportunities in the areas of Pharmaceuticals, Medical Injectables, Medical Supply and Equipment in the Egyptian Market Receive in-depth knowledge on the Egyptian Market and its various segments Understand local regulatory requirements and demands and local market dynamics for successful market penetration Fully leverage opportunities in the local market, while responding to local customers’ needs. Get a significant foothold in Egyptian Healthcare and Medical Institutions, among KOLS, specialist physicians and decision makers. Ensure quality during all aspects of distribution through our advanced logistics and marketing solutions Provide professional and efficient service to local customers.

Some Of Our Company's Achievements